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Which records to merge

Using the items 1,2,3 fields allows you to set text that permits limited which records will be used in the merge. The fields have a pull down menu which will show all data that has been entered in these fields in the records.

Using item 1,2,3 or Label fields

For example: to print award certificates for specific items, I would enter the phrase “cert” in item1 on each record that I want to print a certificate and then go to the Merge function and click on “cert” in item1 and continue the merge. Only those items that have that phrase in item1 will merge to the Award Certificate. Item 1,2,3 & Label fields can be used for different texts at the same time.

Saving changes to templates

We recommend that when you make changes to any of the templates, you use “Save As” to save that template with a new name, therefore you will always have the original template available.

Editing merged files

Editing merged files

Creating Multi-parameters for Merges

Any if the fields, Item 1-2-3 and Label can be used in combination to further limit those records that will be merged. Experiment to create the exact merge that you require.