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AuctionCheckoutPro >> IMPORTING

General rules

a. Certain fields are specific to numerical and import will not occur properly if any text is used. The include: b. Care must be taken that there are no specific characters or line breaks in your excel spreadsheet or text file. c. Test your import before the final date of auction often. Data can always “cleaned” out but you should never wait to a day before the auction to conduct your merges d. The exact fields for both excel spreadsheets format are available in your Programs menu under AuctionCheckout Pro


No text allowed in Bidder Number field


No text allowed in Value field, like “Priceless” must be –0-. These records can be changed manually to reflect phrase at the time of the merge (see below Merge)

Potential problems

a. exporting records that have imported if you have a problem, will allow you to see which records are not importing properly and stopped the flow of the merge. You will see in the export that an item takes up more than one line and therefore that items stopped the flow of all following items. Examine that item carefully in the spreadsheet for hidden marks, spaces, or text in a value field and try the merge again.