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Generating catalog numbers

Catalog numbers can be generating for all of the items or by type or category. Enter a starting number and the code is Items12

Item 1,2 fields

Used to help qualify merges when printing labels, certificates, bid sheets or any other merge. Entering a text in one of these fields allows the user to qualify what records will be included in the merge. For example, if the word “physical” were added to all item1 records that were a physical item, then the merge could be accomplished for “Physical Labels 30 to a page” and only those records would be included in the merge. The text used in the field will be listed in the pull down menu in the Merge menu. The fields all have a pull down arrow which means that whatever is typed in the field will be repeated by use of the first letter. To make this work you must enter text in one record, close the menu and reopen. The text typed will now be available.


Search function requires only the typing of Catalog Number, Title, Description or Donor and ENTER to search.


All columns can be sorted by clicking on the top bar.

Sales Tax or Auctioneer Charge

Clicking the Surcharge Box on a record will allow the invoice to show the specific charge established in Setup. Only those items will be charged.

Item 3

This field has been expanded to 255 characters. We suggest on use of this field would be to put restrictions in this field for certificate items. Adding this field to your bid sheets would allow using a bold or italics formatting to highlight the restrictions. When you open the merge document you would have to manually add "Item3" to your document between "Desecription" and "Donor" and save the changes.

Label Field

We have added a field titled "Label" to the Item menu. The field is intended to print on the invoice a guide to whether an item is (P) Physical, (C) Certificate or (B) Both on the invoice just before the catalog number. Filling in the proper letter will help your distribution people know what kind of an item needs to be given to a winning bidder.

Adding an Item While Entering Bids

Very often an item is awarded twice during the auction or an item is suddenly added. If you are entering Bids, using a Catalog Number that does not exist will automatically allow the option of entering the new item without leaving the Bid menu and enter the bidder number and sale amount.