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AuctionCheckoutPro >> SETUP & FILE

Organization name

The organization name must be carefully entered upon purchasing the software as it cannot be changed.


If you have to charge a sales tax (see below under Items) you can set the percentage for specific items This can also be used to charge an auctioneer costs to specific items (see below under Items)

Minimum bid

Inserting a two figure number will automatically multiply the value by the percentage to establish the minimum bid while inputting. This can always be changed manually.

Creating a new database

Use File to create a clean database or backup your last database and then use Cleanup to eliminate all data except for Setup. Rename this new database for the year of auction.


Allows you to delete specific data, attendees, items or all, so that when you are importing, if the import is not correct it can be eliminated without destroying the other data. Can also be used to create new database for the next auction

Installation Procedure

Download the file from our website to your desktop. Double click on icon to unzip and click on setup.exe to install program. Icon will be created in your Programs.