Auction Management

How We Made a Million Dollar Managing Charity Auctions

For the last twenty years Maureen & John Winter have managed over 450 charity auctions.

Now we want to share our experience with you and show you how you can take advantage of your unique program to double or triple your income and solidify your relationships.

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Learn How

  • Managed all events with only my wife and I
  • Supervised check-in, bidding, invoicing and check-out
  • Mobilized the volunteers or staff of the charity
  • Utilized only one computer and one printer
  • Charged a fixed fee and all expenses
  • Provided optional services to manage the entire event for a fee:
    • Assisted in planning solicitation of items
    • Enter data for items and attendees
    • Designed and printed powerful bid sheets and displays
    • Set up credit card processing and Express Pay systems

We Will Provide

  • Licensed auction management and credit card processing software
  • Complete training program
  • Sample contracts and timetables

What Does It Mean For You:

  • You are already there providing a service
  • Adding one or two staff members to perform the management services

All for a charge less than 10% of your fee for managing the event.